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British scientists! Move to Jordan!

November 23, 2011

Cash is burning a hole in the pocket of the head of Jordan’s public science fund. Nasri Rabadi said yesterday that he can spend only a small portion of his budget because so few scientists apply for funding.

“We can support research with an annual budget of JD12 million [£10.9m],” Rabadi said. “However, we do not have many proposals to support… Last year we only received applications requesting a total of JD1.5 million [£1.4m].”

The Jordan Times has the full story, which settles on cultural reasons for the lack of interest in scientific research.

£10.9 million is small fry compared to the UK government’s £4.6 billion science budget. But only 13% of Jordan’s fund is actually spent, leaving plenty of cash splashing around for scientists there. Would you move your research there?

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