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Cancer Research UK wipes £100m off funding budget

December 10, 2011

Cancer Research UK announced this week that it will cut its research budget of £330m by 10% per year over the next three years – a total cut of around £100m. Nature reports that Constanze Bonifer, a cancer researcher at the University of Birmingham, described the cuts as “absolutely nuts”. She added: “That is very, very bad news for people like me who do a lot of basic research on cancer.”

However, science writer Ed Yong noted on Twitter that Cancer Research UK still packs a big punch:

Ed Yong on CR UK cuts

Ed Yong: the cuts ain't all that bad

The charity put the cuts down to the impact of the economic crisis. Legacy giving, heavily reliant on the value of property and other investments, is on the slide significantly.

Professor Nic Jones, Cancer Research UK’s chief scientist, said that it was a “really tough decision”. He added: “There has never been a more important time for the public to continue to support us. We receive no government funding for our research and rely on people’s generosity to save lives from this devastating disease.”

In April this year, Cancer Research UK argued in a report that government funding cuts could undermine future research projects funded by charities.

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