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MPs question experts on how to bridge the scientific research commercialisation valley of death

April 18, 2012
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    First HC S&T SC hearing today on Bridging the Valley of Death will be tweeting #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 02:37:57
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    Valley of Death evidence today @PSTtweets will be doing live tweets (im in meetings all am) #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 03:26:46
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    HC S&T SC inquiry on #valleyofdeath just getting under way. Watch online or follow @psttweets for updates! #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:21:27
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    Debate at #valleyofdeath hearing on whether innovation comes from IP or entrepreneurs.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:27:09
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    Miller suggesting that unis should extend activities into commercialising IP- a new way to get research funding? #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:30:11
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    @PSTtweets that was discussed at #apeldoorn12 but career structure, funding, incentives not in place in majority of unis
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:31:51
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    Connell: maybe we should put substantial gov money in early stage ventures when ripe for development. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:35:16
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    Universities described as “ignorant, greedy and risk averse”… Oh dear #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:40:55
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    @xmalik sounds more like finding councils than unis
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:42:12
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    If it’s not the linear model of research commercialisation,
    what is it? Connell giving alts eg expertise based consultancy #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:42:02
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    Microsoft is a soft startup, Vodafone is a spin off of a soft start up. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:43:13
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    RT @xmalik: Universities described as “ignorant, greedy and risk averse”… Oh dear #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:43:43
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    Connell: gov should specify a prob it needs solved or a tech it needs, and fund this research as a customer. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:46:38
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    Robertson: there’s hardly a developed country in the world that isn’t investing in sci. UK not so much. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:47:58
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    Nightingale: the ability of anyone to pick winners is non existent. Advise gov to ignore people who say they can #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:50:43
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    Gov can’t pick winners so must create the environment for innovation. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:51:00
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    @PSTtweets so very true
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:52:17
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    @PSTtweets not just innovation. An environment for discovery is required #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:53:11
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    @PSTtweets innovation comes from freedom to pursue new ideas. Financial support from any source obviously required
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:30:16
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    Georghiou: we do have to pick some winners, ie techs that we want #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:52:56
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    Now discussing “picking winners”. Connell: who would have picked vacuum cleaners? (i.e Dyson I assume) #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:54:05
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    Nightingale: match funding at BIS is working. And there’s lots of support for STRI initiative in USA. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:55:30
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    Stringer interpreting Connell’s
    point that the graphene cash is the wrong decision, Connell refuting #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:59:01
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    Connell: If it takes 20 yrs to
    Commercialise graphene it prob is the right decision to invest £50m #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 04:59:44
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    Georghiou singing praises of the graphene centre and its structure. Inc PhDs who are thinking of spinning off companies #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:01:11
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    Has the gov got the funding balance right between research and commercialisation? Panel: good Q! #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:02:53
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    Connell: r&d tax credits are funding basic research that companies should be covering themselves. Need to refocus tax credits #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:07:23
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    Connell says more financial support (eg R&D tax credits) should go to small companies #valleyofdeath #Scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:07:24
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    Nightingale: we are not in the global premier league of science funding. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:08:02
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    Follow HoC Sci and Tech committee hearing on funding new tech with #valleyofdeath and @PSTtweets
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:08:46
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    Georghiou: TSB is sub critical in international standards on funding budget #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:10:49
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    Connell inviting the panel to Cambridge to see the companies and research there. Miller takes him up on the offer. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:11:45
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    Connell: best role model for catapult centres are the four Cambridge tech consultancy centres. <But then he would say that 😉 #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:14:11
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    Nightingale: catapult scheme is prob the worst piece of public policy I’ve ever seen in my caterer. Whoopash. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:16:02
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    @PSTtweets Seem to recall him saying exactly the same thing about the patent box…
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:20:47
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    Nightingale: evaluation reports are a waste of time. We should follow finland, build evaluation into whole funding process. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:19:25
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    Onto the importance of geography pf research institutions #Scipolicy #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:19:50
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    Nightingale: geography shouldnt matter, should be about excellence/quality #valleyofdeath #Scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:21:12
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    Robertson: graphene cash will encourage people to move to manchester – so focus on the research quality not geog. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:22:31
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    End of first panel, now onto the next. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:23:56
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    Follow @PSTtweets for excellent live-tweeting of #valleyofdeath evidence session
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:36:30
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    RT @xmalik Follow @PSTtweets for excellent live-tweeting of #valleyofdeath evidence session < thanks!
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:41:08
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    All witnesses this morn at #valleyofdeath hearing are male. Suggest anothr inquiry about diversity in sci commercialisation? #diversityaudit
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:27:20
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    Richards: fluidity of people moving between companies large and small is one reason why UK is good at biosci #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:29:06
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    Tomlinson: Stevenage open innovation centre important because it’s co-located with GSK – therefore collaboration. #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:35:00
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    Richards: clusters are abt minimising risk for individuals to leave lab for a start up bc local work still avail #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:38:40
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    BioCities like in Nottingham can only work with funding #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:39:14
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    Collaboration – Bianco says you can’t do forced marriage but you can help #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:40:34
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    GSK defending the patent box – wouldn’t have announced the new £500m plant without that #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:42:51
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    Stevenage getting all the love here at the #valleyofdeath hearing for being close to Cambridge and London. And GSK inviting cttee!
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:45:46
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    Bianco: the success of biosci collaboration also seen in aerospace research. any other egs? #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:47:52
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    Stringer: Imperial Drug Discovery centre worried abt a poss funding gap in commercialising meds. In submitted evid? #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:51:51
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    Stringer: are we saying that its too expensive for companies to develop drugs and require public funding to help? #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:52:50
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    Tapolczay to Stringer: not quite. But the costs are v high ans we have to think of shareholders so we’ll partner with others. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:54:01
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    Tomlinson GSK: big pharma has had to change structurally bc it’s too expensive to do r&d alone #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:55:39
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    Tomlinson: once you industrialise science the innovation goes away #valleyofdeath #Scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:57:51
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    Bianco: all funding schemes must ensure that they don’t over burden r&d to the extent that the scheme would hinder research #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 05:59:40
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    Richards: r&d projects that plan to sell eventual products to the NHS are un-investable – therefore hard to invest in meds #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:00:50
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    Tapolczay: we are the only country with an NHS. Richards: so we should be able to do personalised med! #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:05:20
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    Tomlinson GSK: NHS needs to support us to bring innovative meds to the partnership. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:08:01
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    Woah. The Boston, Mass bioscience cluster is bigger than the whole of the UK sector. We can do that with specific investments #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:09:21
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    < Last quote from Tomlinson GSK
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:09:53
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    Richards: Camb creates perfect start ups and then they’re sold before financing up to next level. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:11:14
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    Tapolczay: China’s sci investment is the size the HC S&T Cttee could only dream of. We have opportunity to collaborate there #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:12:31
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    #valleyofdeath Tapolczay: opportunity for China to be biosciences partner not competitor for UK: they have cash we have expertise #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:14:17
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    London, Oxford, Cambridge and Stevenage a “triangle”? #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:20:31
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    Bianco: Univ of Dundee classic eg of not needing to be close to City for collab with industry and commercialisation #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:24:14
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    Richards: RDAs were good but weren’t efficient. Tapolczay: funding availability has to be a good thing – RDAs took too long #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:29:42
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    And that’s it from the #valleyofdeath hearing. Thanks for all the RTs. More later at
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:30:30
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    @simonbayly @douglaswr in the meantime, quite good account at #valleyofdeath.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 07:28:16
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    Excellent coverage of HC S&T SC #valleyofdeath hearing from @psttweets – thanks. More later at
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 06:55:36
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    Video of HOC Science & Technology Committee #valleyofdeath session available here… (@PSTweets tapping away at the back)
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 08:50:32
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