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Part 2: MPs question experts on how to bridge the scientific research commercialisation valley of death

April 27, 2012
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    About to start evidence session 2 of #valleyofdeath inquiry, with the right Anne Glover 😉 #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:16:24
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    First panel of witnesses here to talk about investing in science and technology #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:17:45
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    Follow @xmalik today for live tweets from the HCSC S&T #valleyofdeath hearing!
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:17:58
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    @xmalik Indeed – here’s live coverage of the #valleyofdeath hearing
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:21:02
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    Matthew Bullock highlights importance of procurement for SMEs, USA as a good example #valleyofdeath #scipolicy
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:23:47
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    Glover: bigger success of growth companies in US is financing chain, companies supported through losses #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:26:29
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    Glover: US jobs act going through, will revolutionise VC sector and we’ll be left behind again #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:27:15
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    Sarah Newton MP asks about venture capital in science and tech sector #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:29:01
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    @xmalik will there be further sessions? are you looking for people with potential answers? #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:30:11
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    Are long timescales the issue for VC? Glover shakes head: risk averse as next stage of funding uncertain, need finance chain #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:31:59
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    Bullock: graphene use is unknown so a risky area to invest in #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:33:26
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    @xmalik I think that really depends on the sector being invested in. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:33:35
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    Bullock notes MOD is the largest single buyer of anything in the country, criticises lack of engagement with SMEs #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:37:00
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    Glover: it’s never been so good to be an entrepreneur (anywhere) we’re well connected eg by Internet #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:41:38
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    Welton: Uk is a small market, entrepreneurs should be thinking globally #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:42:40
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    Bullock: pharmaceutical development is hard. Drug development can’t be done with the “soft model” #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:49:00
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    Bullock: the reason it’s called the #valleyofdeath is that most don’t get across it!
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:49:43
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    All sorts of analogies using around, funding ladder, funding escalator… #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:52:30
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    @xmalik Thanks. We did submit evidence and a proposal.…
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:56:55
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    @_rjw awesome
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:46:26
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    Former RAEng President and @QEPrize chair Lord Browne: too many UK ideas perish in the #valleyofdeath via @Telegraph
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:57:28
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    Glover: 70% of the people we back are serial entrepreneurs #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:57:49
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    Bullock: there are good and@nad failures: eg try hard and fail is ok (honourable failure) commit fraud is bad #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 04:58:58
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    Welton; Gap that ICFC was originally set up to address (providing small amounts of capital to SMEs) still here #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:09:04
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    ICFC was the Industrial and Commercial Financial Corporation, then became 3i #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:09:58
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    Welton: Recession aside, good companies of 5-10 years time are being created now. When economy is growing, it looks easy #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:13:00
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    Glover: it’s not a global recession in tech, tech is doing really well #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:13:31
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    Ports: Germany good at making companies bigger but not innovative: innovation happens elsewhere #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:20:55
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    Welton; Germany builds companies through generations and exports well. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:22:23
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    Graham Stringer MP asks what uk could do better to@attract UKIIF funding #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:24:24
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    Bullock: we could do more at regional level. Welton: be less London-focused #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:25:55
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    HoC S&T Select Committee talking about #valleyofdeath again today, see
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:37:12
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    We now have a panel of witnesses from companies etc to talk about their experiences with the #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:37:32
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    Worswick: appalling attitude in UK universities towards patenting. No patent structure to guide inventers #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:38:48
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    Oh sorry that last comment came from Peter Dean not Richard Worswick #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:39:54
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    Francis: no database of patents (eg from@universities) that companies can search through #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:43:01
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    Francis: It takes 17 years for a small company to get an innovation into the NHS #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:48:14
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    Worswick: strong supporter of R&D tax credits. System well established and non beaurocratic. Encouraged LGC to invest in R&D #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 05:56:28
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    @xmalik Could a centralised tech transfer office help address this? #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:00:01
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    While I’m finding the #valleyofdeath session quite interesting, one person on the public gallery has found a cure for insomnia 🙂
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:03:29
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    Dean: if you’re lucky enough to be on a science park there is communal activity and support starting up-lovely place to be! #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:06:42
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    Another invitation for the committee! to visit Cobalt Light Sytems this week. #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:13:50
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    Worswick: protection of sci budget useful. Cuts in uni capital budgets have slowed down the market for his company (Cobalt) #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:15:11
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    Worswick: being close to London not important but good transport links are. It’s a global market #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:17:00
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    Worswick: don’t link politicians with industry very well. E.g ministers visiting labs, looks like first time in their lives! #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:20:46
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    @xmalik Not sure the UK’s trade and investment activities really understand innovative industries #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:22:47
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    @_rjw think you’re spot on there Rob #valleyofdeath
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 06:33:17
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    @xmalik Thanks for your valiant tweeting from the #valleyofdeath Stirling work!
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 08:14:07
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    @simonbayly thanks!
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 10:56:12
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    There will be more sessions of the HOC #valleyofdeath hearing. To contribute try a late submission to via @xmalik
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 08:20:07

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